As of September 2018 - No Used Asphalt Shingle Recycling - May 25, 2019

  No recycling for Tear Off or Post Consumer Residential Asphalt Shingles In Calgary as of September 2018. Best practice is to always... more »

Asphalt Shingles 101 - January 26, 2019

  Asphalt Shingles 101 A clear, informative article to help with educating yourself when choosing a new roof. more »

With continued determination.... - December 19, 2018

  With continued determination...2019 will see Residential Asphalt Shingle Recycling forge ahead. 2019 will see Residential Asphalt... more »

2018 Demo Days - A great success! - December 19, 2018

  A great turn out of current and potential Rotochopper customers. As always Rotochopper Demo Days is a great display of each piece... more »

2018 Compost Demo Day - February 18, 2018

  Rotochopper was proud to be part of Compost Demo Days held in Ellenwood, Georgia.  In BC and Alberta our farmers know about... more »

2018 January - Rotochopper Grinding Those Mighty Fine Pines - February 18, 2018

  Grinding your waste piles....mighty fine pine. more »

We're Proud to Represent Rotochopper - Hurricane Irma - February 18, 2018

  We're Proud to Represent Rotochopper in BC and Alberta.   more »

2017 Rotochopper Demo Days - February 18, 2018

  Another great display of the "Perfect In One Pass" purpose built equipment this year at Rotochopper Demo Days. Reducing... more »

The Journey of Asphalt Shingle Recycling Continues - February 23, 2017

  "Canadian Roadways - The Journey of Asphalt Shingle Recycling"     Canadian Roofing Contractor &... more »

2016 Rotochopper Demo Days - September 7, 2016

Demo Day is just a couple weeks away, but there's still time to save your spot. Rotochopper is gearing up to show you what you're... more »

Rotochopper Celebrates 25 Years! - November 25, 2015

  Congratulations Rotochopper in Celebrating 25 Years strong.  We are proud to represent this excellent equipment and be part... more »

Demo Days - A great success! - November 25, 2015

  Gemaco is proud to represent Rotochopper in BC and Alberta.  Awesome equipment and great company to be part of. Watch the video... more »

Rotochopper Demo Days are on! - September 15, 2015

  Gemaco is proud to represent Rotochopper.  Get up close and personal with the equipment and the people that design, build,... more »

Terry Charles attended Waste Expo in Las Vegas - June 2015 - June 25, 2015

  Terry Charles attended  WasteExpo 2015 in Vegas the beginning of this month. Inspired by continually seeing innovation; new... more »

Operational Factors When Using RAS - June 25, 2015

  Terry Charles attended ConExpo and enjoyed this presentation; “Operational Factors When Using RAS”  by Lee Gallivan... more »

And Shingle Recycling Continues..... - March 25, 2015

  Gemaco Sales Ltd. was incorporated in 1958 by Garnet Marks. Garnet originally owned the Mercedes Benz dealership in Kelowna. His... more »

Gemaco Collection Facility Dismantled and Closed - March 24, 2015

  Effective February 28, 2015 Gemaco’s Shingle Recycling Collection Facility @ 669 Derwent Way has CLOSED   Gemaco... more »

The 6th Asphalt Shingle Recycling Forum - January 10, 2014

Gemaco attends the 6th Asphalt Shingle Recycling Forum in Denver Colorado. Over 250 people attending and all interested in the recycling shingles... more »

Metro Vancouver's Zero Waste Conference - Oct 16, 2013 - January 10, 2014

Gemaco's own Hilary Hanna attended Metro Vancouver's Zero Waste Conference on October 16th at the Vancouver Trade and Convention Center.... more »

Waste Management Association of BC - January 10, 2014

Gemaco is proud to be a member of the Waste Management Association of BC and is commited to helping Metro Vancouver achieve Zero Waste. Watch... more »