Services Provided


  • Contract Asphalt Shingle Grinding
  • Recycled Asphalt Shingle Product Sales


How it Works:




  • With state of the art shingle processing equipment 100% of the shingle material received is recyclable.  Even nails, removed automatically with a magnetized separator, can be collected and recycled.




Final Products Manufactured


  • MSA, Manufactured Shingle Additive
  • PEF, Process Engineered Fuel




Delivered for End Uses

  • MSA, Manufa ctured Shingle Additive, a homogeneous product comprised of asphalt cement and shingle grit is used as an additive in asphalt paving mixtures to pave roadways, parking lots, bike paths and driveways. Higher quality, more durable and costs less than pavement containing only virgin asphalt cement.
  • PEF, Process Engineered Fuel, a homogeneous, oil saturated fibrous flake is used to fire industrial burners such as cement kilns.